IQ plus® 810 Purged/Pressurized
Hazardous Environment Indicator

810 Purged/Pressurized Indicator


A-B Encompassed
The IQ plus 810 indicator has the following approvals:

The Purged/Pressurized systems have the following approvals:
UL and CSA approvals apply to
electrical power control unit only

bullet IQ plus 810 X-Purged/Pressurized Indicator
bullet Hazardous areas that require setpoint control
bullet Petroleum refineries, solvent plants, grain dust areas, fueling stations
bullet Control solutions for Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C & D; Class II, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups E, F, & G and Class III hazardous environments

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Standard Features
bullet Enclosure manufactured to ANSI/NFPA Article 496 guidelines for purged/pressurized enclosures
bullet Flow and pressure gauges used to track and display purge status
bullet Factory-installed safety barriers for hazardous area interface
bullet Enclosure protection vent with tamper-proof regulator
bullet Rubber-booted SURVIVOR oil-tight switches
bullet NEMA 4X stainless steel wall mount enclosure
bullet Bright, bold VFD display with 1/4" clear vinyl cover plate per NFPA 496
bullet Full keyboard for setpoint or fixed tare entry
bullet Front-panel calibration
bullet Advanced digital filtering and RATTLETRAP® vibration control
bullet 20 programmable setpoint steps
bullet Multi-channel accumulators
bullet 3 digital inputs, TTL or hard contact closure, 4 TTL digital outputs standard, expandable to 16
bullet Multi-scale control expandable to 4 scale inputs, with individual scale setup
bullet 48-segment LED bar graph module
bullet Dual load cell input module (3rd and 4th scale)
bullet Single load cell input module
bullet Expansion board (keyboard connection only)
bullet Analog output module, 0-10 VDC/4-20 mA
bullet Header in print
bullet Rate of change
bullet Peak hold
bullet Password
bullet RS-485 communication
bullet 20 mA full duplex EDP port
bullet 12-channel digital setpoint output module
bullet Supervisory setpoint configuration access switch
bullet 4-channel relay rack
bullet 16-channel relay rack
bullet Hotline™ software package (for IQ+800/810 Version 3)
bullet Additional operating manual (Version 3)
bullet Other options available; download catalog/specs pages (left) or consult factory



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